Aims and Summary

The campaign aims to:

1.  Engage the UK's 'Unheard Third' in positive action to improve UK politics and the quality of elected MPs, rather than passive abstention and despair.

Do so by raising awareness of the option to Vote, or Vote NONE in protest.  There's no reason to be silent and every reason to think how best to participate.

2.  Make visible that our governments are elected from the support of less than a quarter of registered voters.  So challenge the defeatist idea of the 'wasted vote' by pointing to the potential impact if just some of the 'Unheard Third' either Vote, or Vote NONE.

Encourage the media, similarly, to show the real results of previous elections.

3.  Establish the right to protest within our democracy, as a vital part of the democratic process, and as a healthy barometer of political dissent.

4.  Help to take back the word 'politics' from its current negative use, to being what ordinary people do positively in voting, in demons­trating and in daily life, to gain justice and improve our society, economy and environment.

The message to politicians, voters and the Electoral Commission

When over a third do not vote, and when current research shows that 77% of UK registered voters are dissatisfied with the state of UK democracy, there must be a way of saying 'No', as well as 'Yes', to what is on offer.

The option to protest within our democratic process is a first step to revitalising our democracy and fixing UK politics.  Whereas not voting requires no thinking, discussion or participation, the option to Vote NONE demands all three.

It builds positive, active politics from passive abstention and despair.  Suddenly there's no reason to be silent.

This website therefore offers guidance to make protest votes clear beyond dispute, so that it becomes indefensible in practice, as well as democ­ratically, for the Electoral Com­mis­sion and Returning Officers to dismiss them as 'uncertain'.

The message to politicians

Politics is about values.  So every day that politicians sneer at the other parties, misrepresent their policies and record, and make personal character assassina­tions, it discredits your party, UK politics and democracy.

So have respect for those who want nothing to do with it, yet also want positive change.  They are often silenced by the defeatist idea of the 'wasted vote'.  If we can act demo­cratically together, we may create hope for our future.

The message to 'the UK's Unheard Third'

There is no reason to be silent.

If just some of the 16 million non-voters Vote, anything is possible:  independent-minded candidates and the smaller parties can win seats and have a real influence.

If the non-voters Vote NONE, then the protest for change will be larger than the vote for the government.  It will be far larger than any street demonstration.

Voting NONE is a protest that says:
'I believe in democracy, but I do not support any of the candidates in this election.  I want a better politics.'

Don't be silent.   Vote for a candidate who you trust to work hard for things you believe in, or vote NONE in protest.