Posters and Leaflet

Inspire people not to be silent - either Vote, or Vote None.

These posters are positive and party-neutral, so they can and must go everywhere!

The leaflet makes the case.  Hand it out in busy public places, and/or door-to-door.

Note: they do NOT indicate your own choice.  So they are OK if you are Voting, or Voting NONE, or still unsure.  They are OK with other political leaflets and posters.

The option to Vote or Vote NONE gives everyone a reason to participate in this election.

Leaflet'Why be silent…'

Explanation on one side and small poster to display on the other.  Print as A4 1-sided or A5 2-sided.  Hand it out in busy public places.

Main public poster'There's no need to be silent…'  With explan­ation.  Perfect for noticeboards, shop windows and public places.

A4 size  or  A5 size x 2

Personal statement'Yes, I will either… Vote or Vote NONE.'  Declare you're doing something, and raise aware­ness of the option.

A car strip / poster that's more directive:  'Don't be silent.  To improve UK politics… Vote or Vote NONE.'

how to vote none poster

Poster'No one to vote for?  Don't be silent…'.

New by request.

It shows how to Vote NONE, along with the brief explanation of what it means.

A4 size  or  A5 size x 2

Poster'No one to vote for?  Stay positive… Vote NONE'.  Includes the brief explanation.

A4 size  or  A5 size x 2

All print easily - black ink, white paper and any printer.

Why be silent?   Vote for a candidate who you trust to work hard for things you believe in, or vote NONE in protest.