Debate 2:
"A call to arms to 18 to 34 year-olds…

…vote, revolt, "turn voting into a protest too"

Heydon Prowse, co-writer of 'The Revolution Will Be Televised'.    Extracts from his  October 2014 article entitled:

'Russell Brand's right about [UK] democracy, but wrong about how to change it'

'…I'm not talking about occupations or million people marches.  I'm asking you to do something much more radical than that.  I'm asking you to vote.  Here's why.  ….'

'This is a government forcing through some of the most unpopular legislation since the poll tax …  If all of the 13 million or so 18 to 34 year-old voters had gone to the ballot box at the last election, the Tories would probably not have got into power and these cuts … wouldn't be happening. '

'It's a myth that they are not politically engaged.  Young people go to marches.  It is the young who create viral waves on social media against corruption, environmental destruction and inequality. …'

'I'd like to suggest we turn voting into a protest too.  If no one represents your views, go down to the polling station with a marker pen and do a big fat line through all the names; but do go to the polling station.'

Why be silent?   Vote for a candidate who you trust to work hard for things you believe in, or vote NONE in protest.