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Let's make UK elections work, to improve UK politics


The information and argument has been researched and written by Simon Pardoe, with support and reviews from Alan Golding and other friends and colleagues.

The prompt came from the experience of campaigning door to door for the 2009 election immediately after the MPs expenses scandal:

"Faced with the overwhelming public anger at UK politics, and determination not to vote, I found myself suggesting people Vote NONE as the only potential form of participation.

"Surprisingly, it shifted those conversations from anger about UK politicians to a shared concern about how to revitalise UK democracy and improve UK politics.

"I realised that whereas not voting can be an end to thinking and engagement, the option to Vote NONE can re-engage people in thinking about politics and democracy.  Suddenly there’s no reason to be silent, and every reason to think about what to do."


This campaign and website has been researched and developed on a volunteer basis, without funding or income.  The site is also free of advertising.

If you agree this offers a way to help revitalise our democracy and improve UK politics, please contribute.  Even small amounts will help us do more, and help us to help others, to make this a national campaign.



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Don't be silent.
Vote for a candidate who you trust
to work hard for things you believe in,
or vote NONE in protest.