VoteOrVoteNone is a positive campaign to convince everyone in the UK to participate in elections, either by Voting, or by Voting None.

The message is to the 'Unheard Third' of registered voters is 'There's no reason to be silent'.

History shows us that participation and protest are vital to improving UK politics and democracy.  The opportunity to protest is a route to engagement and participation.  Hence nearly every page ends with:

Don't be silent.
Vote for a candidate who you trust
to work hard for things you believe in,
or vote NONE in protest.

This site in Dec 2019

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This site back in May 2015

Over 20k Facebook Likes.

Over 142k separate visits in six weeks.

Over 46k separate visits just on election day.

Press resources on this website

  'Why be silent?' summarises the core message of the campaign to the 16m potential non-voters.

  'Aims + Summary' sets out the 4 campaign aims, and the key messages to voters, politicians, the Electoral Commission and the BBC.

  'Making Protest Votes Count' explains why protest votes need to be clear, to establish the protest vote as a healthy barometer of political dissent, rather than just 'spoilt ballots'.

  'About' includes quotations from personal experience.

  'Election Video' includes live tweets.

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