Energy not Apathy  -  video

This election video by Bristol Hip Hop band, Regime, deserves recognition as a political comment voiced across the social divides, that shows the potential energy, not apathy, behind the disillusionment with UK politics.

Great Britain (It all starts here!)

Regime band logo and link.

'We are not apathetic, just disillusioned.  The first past the post system makes what seems to us an obvious choice, (The Green Party) a futile one in all but two constituencies.  So Regime are taking over the airwaves to bring you their own report on the election and the current state of the UK!'

Members: Jez King, Theo Grimshaw, Ollie Davidson-Howell, Charlie Davidson-Howell, Uri Green.

Great Britain (It all starts here!) was published on 4 May 2015, by

If you have seen other videos which counter the apathy story with energy and thought, and offer a positive message to engage people in thinking politically about voting and/or protest voting, send us the link.